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Different Types OF Biosphere

Parts And different types of biosphere

Definition & Different types of biosphere:

“The biosphere is the place where life develops on the planet. It is made up of all living beings, whether they are plants or animals”.

In the biosphere, the necessary processes are carried out to maintain life in the ecosystem, many of them thanks to the energy provided by sunlight.

What is Biosphere?

The biosphere is the most extensive layer of the earth’s crust where all the ecosystems that allow life to develop on the planet are found, therefore it is the entire gaseous, solid and liquid zone of the earth where life occurs.

The planet earth is made up of many elements, the biosphere being one of the four subsystems that function on it. The others are: the atmosphere, the geosphere and the hydrosphere.

The biosphere has an extension of about ten kilometers above sea level and about ten kilometers below the ground (where the presence of tree roots still exists). Likewise, this sub-ecosystem includes the seabed.

Parts And biosphere types:-

The biosphere is divided into biomes, which are classified into five main ones: The Five parts of biosphere are given below:


Made up of aquatic ecosystems. It is structured by oceans, lakes, rivers and swamps, whether fresh or salt water. Water is the support for a great diversity of life on the planet.

Water allows the development of different ecosystems. Among them is the marine ecosystem formed by seas and oceans, which are classified as shallow (photic, where sunlight reaches) or deep (aphotic, where sunlight does not reach).

Likewise, freshwater systems coexist, made up of all rivers, lakes and springs and including all the organisms that live in them.


They are a type of terrestrial ecosystem. This biome is characterized by being found in arid areas with tropical climates where there is little precipitation. The organisms that live in these areas are adapted to these climatic factors, however extreme they may be.


It is considered the main biome of the biosphere. It is a very complex system characterized by having a great diversity of living organisms such as plants, animals and microorganisms.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance due to the large number of benefits it provides to humanity. Since forests are distributed in almost every country in the world, they provide fresh water, wood, among other resources.


 Also known as grassland biome. They are found in semi-arid zones where its main characteristic is that it is made up of an ecosystem between forest and desert, with abundant low-stature vegetation.


It is one of the coldest biomes on the planet. It has little biological diversity due to low temperatures. The poverty of its soils gives life to a vegetation made up of mosses and lichens.

It is located in the polar regions, most of the time the subsoil remains frozen, so the vegetation that lives there is usually shallow-rooted. Temperatures are usually low throughout the year, reaching -70 degrees Celsius.

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