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Thief Guard Apk Download v1.1.5 [2023] For Android

Thief Guard Apk

The most recent Android software with the best communication features and services is called Thief Guard Download Apk App.

The Thief Guard Apk software offers cutting-edge security and privacy services for secure communication to Android users. With this anti-theft function on your Android handset, all services are at your fingertips.

It’s quite simple to communicate with the newest Android apps in our selection. People utilize several fantastic platforms like chatting apps all across the world. Users can chat with friends and relatives on the platform.

Do you just suggest this Thieves Watcher Apk if you have access to other platforms? If you share the same way of thinking, you are aware that various Thief Guard Apk applications have various privacy rules.

Today, Whats App is the most popular app. However, users are no longer safeguarded by the new privacy policy. People desire safe systems for this reason. Allow us to assist you with this fantastic software,

which offers your users the best communication features. If you use this Thief Guard Apk app, learn everything you can about it and enjoy yourself. So, keep current and acquire all the necessary information.

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Thief Guard Apk

Thief Guard Apk Download

Download Thief Guard Apk v1.1.5 For Android

Thief Guard Apk Additional Information

  • Name: Thief Guard
  • Category: Apps,Tools
  • Latest Version: v1.1.5
  • Package Name: com.punon.thiefguard
  • Updated on: 09 May, 2023
  • Requirements: 6.0 and Plus
  • Developed By: thiefguard
  • File Size: 15.09 MB

What is Thief Guard  Apk?

The best messaging service is offered by the Android communication software Thief Guard Apk to its consumers. With the best service and security, users can communicate with others using this platform.

Anyone can sign up for and use the free platform known as Thief Guard Apk. The app’s several parts make it easy for users to get started right away. You can use the clearly defined services that are offered in each department.

Users can register in order to access all services. A mobile phone number that the user can use to finish the registration procedure is required. As an alternative, a TP will be delivered to the given number.

The necessary field must include this number. Once you’ve registered, a list of all your contacts will be visible. It is entirely based on adding a mobile phone number to the gadget. This application’s users will show up in the list.

Please let us know if you plan to use it to communicate with additional friends by emailing us an invite link. Excellent text, voice, genre, and video chat communication abilities.

The user can record voice and text notes using the thief app. Voice memos can be sent quickly and clearly. Here are some of the best video chat effects, though, if you utilize it, to spice up your talks.

Thief Guard Apk

Key Features Thief Guard Apk

  • You can download the free version Apk for free here.
  • The installation of the application provides a series of security measures.
  • This helps mobile users to reset their smartphones.
  • When a stranger steals your smartphone.
  • You can download the free version of the Apk file.
  • Some of the basic features are free.
  • However, anyone willing to go ahead must purchase a premium membership.
  • Third party advertising is not allowed.
  • The user interface of the application is compatible with mobile devices.

More Features Thief Guard Apk

Intruder Selfie:

After stealing a thief’s phone, if you enter the wrong pattern or password, when you try to unlock the phone using PIN, pattern, or fingerprint, the image and location will be sent from the thief Included in the email that will be sent.

They will also tell you the location of the thief via SMS to your alternative number. However, to pinpoint the exact location of the thief, you need to activate the GPS / location system on your mobile phone.

Disable Power Off:

No one can turn off the phone without your permission. Protect your mobile from theft and store your mobile data.

Disconnect PC:

When someone connects your phone to your PC (computer) with a USB cable, your phone will lock automatically. The alarm will continue to sound on your mobile phone until you enter the correct pattern / PIN / password. Protect your device from theft and store your mobile data.

Pickup Catching:

When you take your phone out of your pocket, a message will be sent to another number. In addition, you will be notified immediately by activating an alarm.

Silent Camera:

Send the saved password from any device to your mobile phone via SMS. Upon receiving the device SMS, a photo of the mobile thief will be automatically sent with your email ID and front / rear camera phone number. You can collect images from web-managed fields.

  • You can download and use it for free
  • The best communication app.
  • Fast and easy courier service
  • SMS, voice chat, video
  • Share texts, voice memos and videos
  • High quality data security
  • End to end encryption
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Group video and voice chat
  • We do not support third party advertising.
  • Much more

How to download and Install the Thief Guard Apk on Android?

Click the link below to download the updated Thief Guard variant for Android if it’s not a serious issue.The configuration and use after downloading are as follows. This is because Android clients need to keep a close eye on referenced progress.

  • First, download the updated version of the Apk registry.
  • So, at that time, use an exemplary strategy to implement it on your cell phone.
  • Once established, go to the portable menu and submit your application.
  • Then create an entry and enter the correct data.
  • After registering, log in to the instrument cluster to turn on key items.
  • What you give on your cell phone.
  • Also ready.

Thief Guard Apk


Until now, this is the best and safest Android app to offer to mobile users. If you are interested and ready to install. Download Thief Guard Apk from this site and enjoy the latest features without any restrictions.

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