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Stumble Guys Season 2 APK App Download v0.41.1 for Android

Stumble Guys Season 2 APK

Stumble Guys Season 2 Download APK is a multiplayer action game that puts you in fun battles with up to 32 players. To win, you have to complete all kinds of challenges.

A title that combines the best elements of the legendary Fall Guys, It has become one of the best clones you can find for your smartphone.

In this video Stumble Guys Season 2 APK game version of Shiitake’s Castle, the colorful graphics of the Stumble Guys continue from the start.

Each round consists of his three different challenges that only the maximum number of players qualify for. Your goal is to dodge obstacles until you reach the finish line.

The challenges aren’t easy, but they’ll always make you smile: you’ll have to face giant avalanches, falling platforms, revolving doors, spheres, and more.

Easy to play thanks to the controls: move with a virtual joystick and jump with a button. In addition to using this button to remove obstacles, press it again in the air to move faster.

The fun part about this particular battle royal isn’t just its game play. There are also different avatars that you can use. You can unlock skins with gold earned from Stumble Guys Season 2 APK games you play.

The Stumble Guys Season 2 APK app is a great multiplayer game with a fun physics system and the thrill of competing against other players for the prestigious crown of victory.

All in all, this is a great Fall Guys clone to enjoy on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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Stumble Guys Season 2 APK

Download Stumble Guys Season 2 APK

Stumble Guys Season 2 APK Download

Stumble Guys Season 2 APK Additional Information

  • App By:
  • Version:
    v0.41.1 for Android
  • Updated On:
    Jan 1, 2023

What is Stumble Guys Season 2 APK?

Stumble Guys Season 2 APK is a fun battle royal! Customize your role in the game, run fast, complete all challenges and be the last one standing.

But be careful not to get kicked by other players. What are you waiting for? Download Stumble Buddies on your smartphone and start the thrilling endless run today!

Tap Buddies offers players the opportunity to play highly competitive games with other players online!

  • Drive to the finish line, pass all your opponents and finally take first place for him.
  • Avoid obstacles on your way and stand out among your competitors.
  • Choose your favorite avatar and play. Lions, astronauts, kings, aliens, ninjas and more.

Tap Friends: Multiplayer Royale

The Stumble Guys Season 2 app is a massive multiplayer elimination game where up to 32 players compete online in increasingly complex levels until a winner is determined.

If you fall, try again and run away. Join the endless fun! Take on a variety of ridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles, eliminate your enemies, beat them all and win!

Are you ready to let go? Download the Stumble Buddies Ultimate Knockout game now and be part of this ultimate madness. Also invite your friends and beat them all!

Features of Stumble Guys Season 2 APK

Familiar gameplay:

The first interesting thing about this game is that it has no story or theme. Stumble Guys takes players into a giant arena where he competes against 31 players to try and be the fastest finisher.

Basically, the game resembles the traditional racing game genre. However, instead of driving a super car, you can only control a strange protagonist during a race. Each level of the game presents a completely new challenge.

Therefore, the player has to face many challenges to win. Usually only 16 of his 32 players win, and the rest of the team gets less prize money and points than the top 16.


In each screen of the game, the character moves automatically and continuously. Players are also responsible for setting the correct direction of movement and performing jump actions to avoid obstacles in front of them.

You can use the on-screen virtual handle button and the up arrow key to quickly perform the above actions. But you have to spend a relatively long time to easily control your character.

Very competitive:

As previously mentioned, Stumble Guys has up to 32 players per level at a time. Competition is therefore a big factor in this sport. The game lacks elements of players attacking each other, but there are various obstacles on the map.

Always ready to get off and go back to the drawing board. In general, the game encourages players to maintain the necessary patience and pay attention to each move when attempting to complete it for the first time.

Many challenges had to be overcome:

The card system in Stumble Guys is very diverse. Each map has different challenges that players can discover. In fact, not everyone can complete the challenges of each level at the same time.

Most players will encounter obstacles at least once in each level, so be careful when playing. In particular, the system automatically selects a random map for the player.

This means you have no control over who you meet. Be well prepared before facing the difficult challenges of this Stumble Guys Season 2 APK game.

strange characters:

The Stumble Guys Season 2 APK includes a variety of characters that players can choose from as they like. Each character is drawn very cutely, but there is also a “coolness” that reflects the style of the costume, and the players are always excited to play. You can usually be a nurse, a cop, a witch or even a cop. Money earned to unlock shops.

Stumble Guys Season 2 APK

2D graphics:

This game has simple game play. So it’s not too difficult to tell if the graphics quality is much better than regular 2D. However, the game play details are very good and promise to empower the player throughout the process of enjoying.In addition, the game’s motion he effects are smooth and stable on most of today’s mobile he devices. displayed as.

Fun Features of Stumble Guys Season 2 APK

  • Run, race, outrun your opponents
  • Avoid obstacles in front of you.
  • Authentic multiplayer battle Royal
  • colorful and elegant design
  • funny body
  • many customization options
  • quite a failure.
  • many different levels
  • Don’t fall, defeat your enemies, win and become the champion!

Note: The game is still in its early stages, so we will be updating it regularly. This game is not easy. Do you have what it takes to win?


This is the most exciting game you can play on your mobile device. The fun and excitement it provides is rare and cannot be found in every game you play.

Here are some features of the game:

  • Run, slide and outrun opponents. Remember, even if your friends are involved, you have to beat them all.
  • There are many obstacles ahead. It slows you down and can lose you. Then you have to dodge all the obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Tap Buddies is a real-time multiplayer battle royal game played on mobile devices.
  • Enjoy crazy and colorful designs. The colors used in the design of the game are in perfect harmony and you will love it.
  • Tap Buddies is a fun physics game.
  • The game has various customization options. You can use these options to customize your character. Make your character unique and enhance your gaming experience.
  • Different levels to complete. It’s important to note that the difficulty increases as you progress through the various levels.
  • There are many fun waterfalls in this game.

There are amazing features that will make you happy while playing this game. Download Stumble Guys Season 2 Apk and defeat your enemies. Win without losing and become a champion.

Multiplayer game for up to 32 players

Stumble Guys Season 2 APK is a real-time multiplayer battle royal action game that pits players against each other in fun 32-player tournaments.

This is one of the best Fall Guys clones you can find for mobile devices for free. Take on a variety of ridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles, defeat your enemies and overcome them all!

To play, join the game or create your own. Then sampling will start. They all bear a dubious resemblance to the popular TV show Takeshi’s Castle, where each match consists of his three attempts,

with some players succeeding and others eliminated. Basically, you need to overcome obstacles on the way and reach the goal before other players. We already know that this experience will not be easy,

but it will make you smile again and again. All you need to play is a virtual joystick and a jump button to move between platforms. Press this button to move in the air.

The title also includes different avatars that you can unlock and earn as you play…if you complete the first one, of course!If you want to try it out, download his APK file for free and start playing!

Very chaotic atmosphere

It’s a little bit of chaos and confusion that thrives on this game. Anything can happen in the world of sports. The unpredictable nature of the environment makes the game very exciting.

In order to survive, we must always be healthy. A small mistake can cost you your place in the game at any time.

You can even beat your competitors. If they decide to play dirty games with you, you’ll need to develop techniques to counter their moves.

Massive multiplayer online gameplay

In this game, his 31 other players compete for the ultimate prize. Every partner has great potential and their expertise should never be underestimated.

Once you start playing, you have the opportunity to progress just like any other player. Then, if your plan is as efficient as possible, you are more likely to succeed. The key to progress is to be strategic and use your skills to your advantage.

Your avatar can be customized

The game gives you the option to customize your avatar and make it unique. This look can be achieved using a variety of clothing and accessories. If you want your avatar to stand out, you can change its color.

Easily identify you and allow other players to know who you are trading with. You can also wear different hats and helmets to protect yourself from the removal process.

Very dynamic obstacles

These dynamic hurdles make this game very unpredictable and thrilling. A good example is the ability to avoid bouncing balls.

Apart from this, the game also has other obstacles to avoid such as hanging ropes and moving platforms. Be careful while passing these hurdles. If you make even one mistake, you may drop out of the game.

However, you can also use these restrictions to your advantage. For example, if you hit a certain obstacle, it will bounce back when you hit it. To take advantage of it, you can jump in and attack other players.

This allows you to remove them from the game to progress through the game, but you can also use them to push yourself further and overcome obstacles. .

Three main technical activities

Many players fail simply by not mastering the following basic moves:

Jumping: A champion’s first basic move is a jump. Overcoming obstacles of a certain height is easy. But if you accidentally jump or miss a corner, you’re in big trouble.

So pay attention to each jump, pay attention to how high you jump, how far you jump, whether you bump into someone along the way and whether the terrain favors you. Do you have a situation that requires immediate attention? B. In case of portal swing or collision.

Diving: After crouching, it takes time for the character to return to normal. Once you know how to dive on demand, you can easily use tricks like drop ball, tail he trailer, and seesaw.

Wrestling: Of the three skills, this occupation requires the highest skill and experience. Some states, such as B. Slime Climb and Egg Scrabble, require the player to jump, grab onto the edge of a ledge or wall,

and scramble to continue their journey. It also helps a team like the Hoarders a lot in his mode of play. Prevent your opponent from catching the ball and help your teammate with the Egg Beetle.

How To Download and Install The Stumble Guys Season 2 APK on Android?

This unique feature keeps users protected at all times. If you can’t find this app in the Google Play store, you can always download it from this website. Before you finish your idea, please follow the steps below to install this app on your Android device.

Stumble Guys Season 2 APK

  1. Go to “Unknown Sources” in settings. Then go to Security and enable the Security option.
  2. Go to your Android device’s Download Manager and click on Stumble Guys Season 2. It’s time to download.
  3. There are two options available for mobile screens. There are two ways to install the operating system, just boot it on your Android device.
  4. A popup with options will appear on your mobile screen. You have to wait a while for it to appear.
  5. After all downloads and installations are complete, click the Open option to open the screen on your mobile device.

What are the profits and consequences of downloading The Stumble Guys Season 2 APK directly?


  • You can download any version of the program directly from his website for third parties. Application files for most versions are available and can be downloaded as needed.
  • Unlike the Play Store, downloads are instant and you don’t have to wait for a review process.
  • After downloading, you will find the APK file in your memory card/system storage. After that, you can uninstall and reinstall again and again without downloading.


  • Google generally does not control application downloads from third-party sources. Therefore, it can harm your mobile phone.
  • APK files can contain viruses that steal or corrupt data from your phone.
  • Apps typically don’t have access to the Google Play Store, so they don’t update automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can Eliapedia.com ensure the Stumble Guys Season 2 App is 100% secure?

Answer: If someone wants to download an APK file from her Eliapedia.com, we will check his related APK files on Google Play and allow the user to download them directly (of course, they are cached on the server) . If not on Google Play, the APK file will be stored in Google’s cache.

Q: If I install APK from Eliapedia.com, can I update it from Play Store?

Answer: Yes, of course. The Play Store is installed from Google’s servers, but downloading and installing Google’s services and loading pages from sites like Eliapedia.com is the same.

As soon as a new version of the app is downloaded, the update will start immediately.

Q: Why do I need android app permission to download Stumble Guys Season 2 Apk?

Answer: Apps need access to specific device systems. As soon as the app is installed, it will notify you of all required permissions.


Download the Stumble Guys Season 2 APK and enjoy this amazing app for Android and PC. Eliapedia is a safe source to download APK files and has almost all apps from all genres and categories.

Download Stumble Guys Season 2 APK is in his action category and developed by Kitka Games’s. The average rating on our website is 4.2 out of 5 stars, but this app scores 4 out of 5 stars according to various rating platforms. You can also respond to the Stumble Guys Season 2 APK. This gives the user a better idea of the application. If you want to know more about Stumble Guys Season 2 APK, you can check the details on the developer’s official website.

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