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Static Shift Racing Apk App Download latest v53.1.0 for Android

Static Shift Racing Apk

Static Shift Racing Download Apk is not only a car, but also an attack on the environment, which is rare in smartphones. The developer has created a sanctuary.

The developers write about racing against real opponents, but it’s a pity that often you have to drive with bots. The sound when drifting is very bad.

Also, don’t expect ultra-realistic physics and damage systems. The Static Shift Racing Apk game has several modes that still need to be entered.

Road signs and many other objects can tip over and smoke can get under the wheels while driving. The creator of the Static Shift Racing Apk game gives players

the ability to build a collection of legendary cars from the 80’s and his 90’s with hundreds of customization options. Jim bi’s top-down racing game.

We have state of the art vehicles with excellent driving skills. Even better, you can customize them to improve performance. The Static Shift Racing Apk game has different vehicles such as trucks and sports cars.

This versatility allows you to use different strategies to win races. Every time you win, you can collect new vehicles and put them in your Garage.

Each car you collect can be upgraded with different items. It can be equipped with a new engine, brakes, and other performance-enhancing parts.

This allows you to build the ultimate racing machine to your liking. Races take place in a dynamic environment with realistic physics.

You should adjust your strategy according to the terrain and weather conditions. This feature makes Static Shift Racing Apk for Android more fun and challenging.

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Static Shift Racing Apk

Download Static Shift Racing Apk

Static Shift Racing Apk Download

Static Shift Racing Apk Additional Information

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    v53.1.0 for Android
  • Updated On:
    Jan 12, 2023

What is Static Shift Racing Apk?

Static Shift Racing Apk is an exciting game that will give you hours of fun and entertainment. Its realistic physics and dynamic tracks make it one of the best racing games out there.

Download now and enjoy an experience like no other. Unlocking your car with the Static Shift app allows you to turn your car into a powerful machine.

The game has many customization options that you can use to make your vehicle more powerful. This includes engine updates and performance improvements.

Each car you collect can be upgraded with different items. It can be equipped with a new engine, brakes, and other performance-enhancing parts.

This allows you to build the perfect racing car to your liking. Races take place in a dynamic environment with realistic physics. Your strategy should be adapted to the terrain and weather conditions.

This feature makes the Static Shift Racing Android app more fun and challenging. Racing games are popular among gamer because they are fast-paced and competitive.

This app is an exciting track full of attractive vehicles and dynamic tracks. It adds depth to the game and keeps you entertained for hours. You always feel in control of your vehicle.

The urban environment and stunning concrete roads give you a sense of speed. More importantly, the game comes with a variety of driving mechanics, from drifting to exploration.

Then you can choose the best game according to your style and needs. You should make the most of it. What sets this app apart from other racing games is its unique gameplay mechanics.

The vehicle responds directly to your commands, making it easy to maneuver and make changes. It’s a real city with movement and other vehicles.

So you have to avoid falls and other obstacles to finish the race in one lap. It also features a day/night switch for added realism. You can enjoy a night tour while walking around the city.

More importantly, the day-night cycle affects the weather and other game dynamics, so every journey is different and never boring. Please note that this will affect your reward.

With a lot of money, you can buy new cars and unlock customization, making it easier to compete. If you are a car enthusiast, this app has car controls and you can race with other racers in different ways.

Take part in online races or challenge your friends in local multiplayer. The game is free to download and has high quality graphics that make you feel like you are driving a real racing car.

Realistic graphics are an important part of the game, and the developers tried to provide players with an immersive and meaningful experience by presenting beautiful 3D landscapes and realistic car models.

The app’s graphics are impressive, but that’s not the only thing that stands out. The developer also introduced a smart and simple racing his system that allows players to participate in single and multiplayer races. Provides hours of racing fun regardless of experience.

Features of Static Shift Racing Apk

Explore the huge city: Street racing style attracts many users. Movies like Fast and Furious helped popularize the genre. Many developers tried to create something similar in their games, but often failed.The creators of Static Shift Racing Apk also decided to give it a try. An open world with a wide variety of zones is here.

Blocks, private areas, woodlands, summer cottages – all this can be seen again and again. In addition to the rides, there are also free rides. So you can fully enjoy the wonderful graphics. Basically the whole world is open, so you can go wherever you want to go.

Take part in different game modes: How’s the game play? This is well known to his IFS fans here. Several races are displayed on the map. Icons vary by race. You can drive there and start the game. There are also ring, sprint and drift races.

Offers one of the in-game currencies depending on the success of the goal. Trials will be distributed across the city, so you can start when you’re ready. The system is similar to Need for Speed, but you can enjoy the same game on Android.

Wide range of customizations: You can now purchase new cars and parts with in-game currency. The trim system is very good if you change races all the time. A new engine not only accelerates the car, but also moves weight, which inevitably affects driving performance.

When replacing the bonnet or fender, there may be cases where parts that match the color of your vehicle are not available, so repainting will be required separately.

Handling characteristics change by exchanging parts, but it is also possible to change the appearance. In the meantime, there are plenty of cars available in the game, and fleet expansion is likely to continue.

Console-level graphics: Static Shift Racing Apk is based on the popular Unity engine. Provides high quality graphics. It also has some cons that need better customization.

Even his high-end device gets very hot when playing games on high graphics settings. The graphics are just amazing! In addition to the quality of the representation of the environment, we want to emphasize the lighting system.

Headlights and headlights are very bright. The map is also impressive. It features a satellite image format that allows the player to zoom in and out. It all looks very attractive.

open world racing: The game offers a large open world with realistic and varied terrain. You can explore the city and its surroundings to find shortcuts to your advantage along the way. But be careful not to collide with other drivers or obstacles.

Static Shift Racing Apk

Play against real players: The game has a multiplayer feature that allows you to compete with other players around the world. It allows you to showcase your talents and showcase your skills.

Innovative customization options: You can change bumpers, body kits, wheels, side skirts, spoilers, bonnets and much more to give your vehicle a unique look. You can also improve your car’s performance with engine upgrades and other parts.

Beautiful 3D graphics and authentic atmosphere: The game has different regions located in different locations. You can drive through industrial areas, traverse wooded mountain roads, and enter tight quarters of the city. Whichever you choose, you’ll love the detailed graphics and realistic feel.

Many popular cars: The game features many famous classic cars, each with their own performance-enhancing parts. Enjoy high-performance super cars, including muscle cars from the 80 s and 90 s and modern sedans. You can also unlock new models as you progress through the game.

controller support: The game supports external controls for more precise driving. This allows quick turns and tight maneuvers on the track. Best of all, the touchscreen controls are so responsive that you won’t miss a turn.

Different Game Modes: The game has multiple game play modes such as draft racing, time trials, and elimination rounds. You can also participate in high-speed races so that every time you open the game you have something new to play.

Realistic sound effects: Enjoy near-realistic sound effects while racing, drifting, and colliding with other cars. This excellent audio system lets you feel the power of your car on a variety of surfaces. Whether it’s tire noise or engine noise, you won’t be disappointed.


Improve your car.

At the heart of Static Shift Racing Apk is vehicle customization. Its extensive modification capabilities allow you to build and drive your dream car.

  • Check out our long list of unique upgrades including wheels, bumpers, side skirts, body kits, spoilers and bonnets.
  • Customize your car with a custom paint job.
  • Adjustable suspension and camber allow you to adjust the position of your car.
  • Install upgrades to boost your car’s performance and outsmart your rivals.

Open world.

Walk through the city of Static Nation, a huge open-world playground with many thriving regions. Explore wide highways, drive through dirty industrial areas and traverse wild mountain roads. Stay tuned for updates as more districts expand into his Static Nation city limits.

Face real opponents.

Compete against real opponents in tough races, prove your driving skills and win amazing prizes in a variety of exciting races:

  • Experience high speed racing
  • work hard in sprint
  • Test your drifting skills with Drift Sprint
  • Get the highest score in Draft Attack
  • Enter Branded Hunting Claws


Prove your driving skills in challenges around the world, from driving challenges to time trials. A unique combination of stationary running activities to keep you entertained.

The stock of cars is growing.

The static shift racing car catalog continues to grow. Unlock legendary cars from the 80’s and 90’s and drive them to their limits. Each car has hundreds of customization options to create a completely unique car. Stay tuned for future car updates that will be added to the game.

Nice graphics.

Static Shift Racing Apk has amazing graphics and offers an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. Drift, drive and race in a meticulously designed open world and enjoy realistic racing scenarios on your mobile device.

Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate street racing champion? Get behind the wheel and find out! Download Static Shift Racing Apk for free now!

Realistic graphics

Realistic graphics are an important part of the game, and developers are looking to integrate beautiful 3D landscapes with realistic car models to provide players with an immersive and realistic experience.

The app’s graphics are impressive, but that’s not the only thing that stands out. The developers have also integrated an intuitive and flexible racing system that allows players to participate in single and multiplayer races. Provides hours of racing fun regardless of your experience.

Overall, this game is perfect for those looking for a challenging and realistic racing experience.


What sets Static Shift Racing Apk apart from other racing games is its realistic game mechanics. The vehicle responds to commands with precision and can turn sharp turns with ease.

It also has a full-fledged city with other vehicles. Therefore, you must always avoid collisions and other obstacles so that you can complete the race. It also has a day/night cycle that adds realism.

You can enjoy the night ride while driving around the city. Even better, the day/night cycle affects weather and other game play dynamics, so every race is different, so you’ll never get bored.

Collect coins and prizes after finishing the race. Do your best as it affects the rewards you receive. With enough coins, you can buy new vehicles and unlock customization, giving you more flexibility in racing.

Overall, the Static Shift Racing app is an interesting game that will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Its realistic physics and dynamic tracks make it one of the best racing games out there. Download now and enjoy an experience like no other.

How To Download and Install The Static Shift Racing Apk on Android?

This unique feature keeps users protected at all times. If you can’t find this app in the Google Play store, you can always download it from this website. Before you finish your idea, please follow the steps below to install this app on your Android device.

Static Shift Racing Apk

  1. Go to “Unknown Sources” in settings. Then go to Security and enable the Security option.
  2. Go to your Android device’s download manager and click Static Shift Racing. It’s time to download.
  3. There are two options available for mobile screens. There are two ways to install the operating system, just boot it on your Android device.
  4. A popup with options will appear on your mobile screen. You have to wait a while for it to appear.
  5. After all downloads and installations are complete, click the Open option to open the screen on your mobile device.

What are the profits and consequences of downloading The Static Shift Racing Apk directly?


  • You can download any version of the program directly from third-party websites. Application files for most versions are available and can be downloaded as needed.
  • Unlike the Play Store, downloads are instant and you don’t have to wait for a review process.
  • After downloading, you will find the APK file in your memory card/system storage. After that, you can uninstall and reinstall again and again without downloading.


  • Google generally does not control application downloads from third-party sources. Therefore, it can harm your mobile phone.
  • APK files can contain viruses that steal or corrupt data from your phone.
  • Apps typically don’t have access to the Google Play Store, so they don’t update automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Eliapedia.com ensure the Static Shift Racing app is 100% secure?

Answer: If someone wants to download an APK file from his Eliapedia.com, we will check his related APK files on Google Play and allow users to download them directly (of course, they are cached on the server) . If not on Google Play, the APK file will be stored in Google’s cache.

Q: If I install APK from Eliapedia.com, can I update it from Play Store?

Answer: Yes, of course. The Play Store is installed from Google’s servers, but downloading and installing Google’s services and loading pages from sites like Eliapedia.com is the same.

As soon as a new version of the app is downloaded, the update will start immediately.

Q: Why do I need android app permission to download Static Shift Racing Apk?

Answer: Apps need access to specific device systems. As soon as the app is installed, it will notify you of all required permissions.


Static Shift Racing Apk download and enjoy this amazing app for Android and PC. Eliapedia is a safe source to download APK files and has almost all apps from all genres and categories.

Download Static Shift Racing APK belongs to Racing category and was developed by Timbo Jimbo. The average rating on our website is 4.2 out of 5 stars, but this app scores 4 out of 5 stars according to various rating platforms. You can also respond to his Static Shift Racing APK on our website so that users can get a better idea about the application. If you want to know more about Static Shift Racing APK, you can check the details on the developer’s official website.

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