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how to make a collage of photos on computer

It is fun to create a photo collage on a computer, a creative way to combine multiple pictures into a single, visually appealing composition. Here’s a simple guide on how to make a collage of photos on your computer.

how to make a collage of photos on computer

Today I will teach you how to make a collage with photos to obtain spectacular results in a super simple way and without having to download any program. Thanks to the fact that online design programs are increasingly more intuitive, making a collage is very easy, fast, and effective.

Making a collage or mosaic of photos can be a good idea as a gift, to put in a frame and give life to your photographs, as a profile photo, for your social networks, even to print your own ID photo at home, etc.

What is a photo collage?

A photo collage is a set of images placed on a medium (digital or physical) with the intention of creating a single image through a set of different photographs.

What are the best applications to make a collage with photos?

These are some of the tools or applications to make a collage with photos that we recommend the most because they are free (most require creating a user), intuitive, and complete:

  1. Photo Collage
  2. PicMonkey
  3. canva
  4. Fotor
  5. PicsArt
  6. Moldiv
  7. Pixlr
  8. Google Photos

How to make a collage with photos on your smartphone?

To make a digital collage with photos on your mobile, you have several options, the ideal is to download one of the applications that I mentioned above and that is compatible with your operating system.

These are some of the collage applications that you might be interested in:

  • Moldiv for Android and iOS
  • PicCollage for Androidand iOS
  • Photo Collage for Android
  • Layout from Instagram for Android and iOS
  • Canva for Androida nd iOS
  • Google Photos for Android and iOS

Once downloaded, its use is usually intuitive, once you give it access to your photographs you just have to select which photos you want to be part of your collage. Next, you just have to select from its templates, colors and other customizable options.

Play around with a couple of options, see if they are applications that have a lot of advertising, if they are easy to use if you like their designs, etc., and choose just one, it is useless to have your phone full of applications that we do not use.

Making a collage with photos, today is very simple and also a great way to give prominence to your images, tell a story, bring together your best memories or your old scanned (or restored) photos, to show the evolution of a baby and a long list of possible applications.

I encourage you to create a collage with photos to send to your loved ones, hang on the wall, on your nightstand, or put in the background on your computer because photography does not end when we press the shutter of your camera, but rather it goes much further.


I hope you found this article interesting. If so, share it to reach as many people as may be interested in it. Thank you very much and until next time.

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