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Different Types OF Barometer And Their FUNCTIONS

Different Types Of Barometer And their FUNCTIONS With examples

Different Types OF Barometers With examples and their functions:

“A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure, that is, the force that a liquid or gas exerts perpendicularly on a unit area”.

The unit of measurement with which barometers are identified is called the hectopascal (hPa). This unit means “hecto” hundred and “pascals” unit of measurement of pressure.

What is barometer?

A barometer is a tool that is responsible for measuring atmospheric pressure. That is, it measures or calculates the weight of the column of air that you have on a certain unit of surface. The barometer is one of the main instruments used in the field of meteorology.

Atmospheric pressure is the force that a liquid or a gas exerts in parallel on a unit area. The atmospheric pressure is measured in a unit called atmospheres (atm) which measures 101.325 Pascal, equivalent or equal to 760 millimeters of mercury (conventional graduation of barometers).

What are 4 Different Types OF Barometers>

mercury barometer

The mercury or Torricelli barometer is made up of a thin glass cylinder that measures approximately 80 cm in length. This is closed by one of its ends which contains sealed mercury.

When submerged in a bucket with more mercury and uncovered, this poor element forming the barometric chamber or Torricelli vacuum.

fortin barometer

Fortin’s barometer is a structure that consists of a torricellian tube inside a glass tube that contains mercury. It is supported by an ivory cone with two ends or feet, and sits on top of a fallow-hide base that is fixed by a screw around the center.

The Fortil bar is covered by a thin metallic material that leaves two small spaces or slots free through which it is possible to see the mercury level, in addition, this free space has a calibration graduated in millimeters.

aneroid and holosteric barometer

This barometer is a tube with an elliptical section, which is bent in order to form a ring. The bent tube is fixed at one point and the end of the semicircles is mobile. With the increase in atmospheric pressure, the tube tends to close and in the opposite case it tends to open.

The Holosteric Barometer is made up of a flattened recent with a corrugated base that has been given a strong rarefaction before being sealed. One of its ends has a spring that rises or falls with atmospheric variations.

Both barometers are metallic, manageable and reasonably cheaper than Fortin or Mercury.

digital barometer

The digital barometer, in addition to measuring atmospheric pressure, has a representation of the coming weather and temperature.

This gives information about the sun, clouds and sun, cloudy sky, rainy, and sometimes stormy. This is due to variations in atmospheric pressure. In general, it is the one that predominates in weather stations.

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